Digital Marketing

So what on earth is Digital Marketing??


Digital Marketing can be defined as the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media.

Firstly I would like to clarify that Digital Marketing is not just a means of advertising online! Yes the internet and social media do play a big part in many brands digital marketing strategies, but don’t forget the old school technologies such as the electronic billboard, radio and television. Digital marketing is so important today due to the rapidly growing market and changes in information communications technology. It allows brands and customers to communicate faster, easier, cheaper and in more diverse ways than ever before.

Many argue that consumers have become desensitized to traditional forms of advertising, and have the ability to block out advertising efforts from their presence (for example: fast forwarding over commercials).

This means that marketers have to come up with more creative ways of communicating with consumers in a way that does not seem forced upon them and can create value.

This is why social media has become so important, with almost everyone being involved in one or more platforms, brands must keep up and try to understand, create, communicate and provide value for their target audiences.

“Kids These Days”

I’m sure you’ve heard the scoffing of your grandparents when someone’s (probably yours) eyes are fixated on their mobile phone or tablet or laptop.

Everyone is so reliant on digital technologies these days, for all things including entertainment, research and communication.

“Mum I need my ipad for school work OK?” “I’m talking to my friends online!” “Just checking the feed.”

Not only is it how consumers stay social, they keep up to date on news/gossip (what have the Kardashian’s been doing today!?), entertain themselves (just one more episode on Netflix tonight…), do research (for education and/or buyer bargaining power), job hunt, shop, bank, find love and save the world.

“Back in my day…” *groans* “We used to read books and play outside in the streets!”

Gone are the days of having to go to a library for research, trusting a salesman’s word, waiting for the newspaper to inform you, posting a letter or even having to change out of your pyjamas to shop.

Digital technologies allow for so much versatility and creativity and are prominent everyday in both subtle and obvious ways.

Organisations must understand effective methods of digital marketing in order to connect with and satisfy consumers.

My future posts will aim to explore various aspects of Digital Marketing.


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